Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Houdini Strikes Again

So Wesley continues his Houdini antics - wiggles out of socks, wiggles out of diapers, wiggles out of clothes and now so much more. Yesterday, Daddy laid him down for a nap on the futon in the office (with pillows around on the floor) and then pulled the door almost shut. Daddy went out to the living room and later on little Wesley pulled the office door open and calmly crawled out to find Daddy! Crawling off the futon is no problem for this guy.

And then today, Daddy went to go take a shower, so he put Wesley down in the exersaucer in the living room with Noggin on the tv. Now Wesley hasn't been too crazy about the exersaucer here lately (doesn't like to be confined) and so when Daddy got out of the shower he expected to hear Wesley fussing and instead he heard nothing. He rushed to the bedroom door to look into the living room - and no Wesley in the exersaucer! Wesley was way across the living room on the floor, calmly laying on his back and playing with a toy.

Parker learned out to get out of the exersaucer around the same age. So Daddy put Wesley in the exersaucer to see how he crawled out. But the little guy just wouldn't do it while someone was watching him. Later Daddy hid in the office and watched and finally saw Wesley grab the outside edge with his hands, pull until his waist was over the top edge of the seat and then flip himself out and over the exersaucer - same way his older brother used to escape!

So the exersaucer will now be retired again. No recent pictures of Wesley in it, so here's one from back in April.

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