Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Sleep Training and Other Stuff

We tried to post this last night but kept getting hung up by the video. So here's Tuesday update minus Wesley's video with the Peek-A-Block. We'll keep trying.

Night two (Monday) was better. We were able to put Wesley down at 10pm and he slept straight through until 6:00am. He fussed off and on for about 40 minutes, then snoozed again until 8:00am. This time he was starving when he woke up and downed a bottle fast. Much improved already! It's amazing how much better you can function as a parent when you can put more than three hours of sleep together in a row!

Wesley's really making a lot of other strides here too lately. His third tooth is almost all the way in up top, and the gum next to it is all swollen from another one trying to break through. He's continuing to eat well and is now loving the little finger food stars in addition to jar food. We don't care too much for veggies yet, but put apples or bananas in anything and Wesley's game. Tonight he also pulled up by himself for the very first time while playing with Parker and the big Peek-A-Block in the livingroom. Parker came running to get us and show what Wesley had done and we were able to get Wesley to repeat it several times.

Parker had a really great night at karate last night. He really seems to be getting it now and he has gotten lots of compliments from Sensei Tony lately about his behavior and how well he is listening and focusing. We can also tell by looking at him with the other kids how much Parker has grown in the last year. For instance, when he first started karate last September, Mommy had to hem his karate pants up about four inches so as not to drag the floor. Last week she had to let them back down about three inches so he wouldn't look like he was wearing highwaters anymore!

Today Parker has been obsessed about his birthday. We're not sure what brought this on, but in several different conversations today he's informed us that he wants a baseball party, with a baseball cake (that must have a bat, ball, glove, helmet, Carlos Pena, Joe Maddon and Akinori Iwamura on it), that he wants to have his party at a playground and that he wants to invite Aydenn from church and his friend Danny from school. We keep trying to tell him that his birthday is a ways off, but he's been rather insistent today, so we just keep taking notes.

Not to be outdone by his brother's performance, Parker wanted a video taken this evening. So here is our Drama King, doing jumping jacks in his jammies (while Wesley's screaming in the background for effect):

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