Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mid Week Update

Sleep training is going great! Wesley went to bed at 11pm on Tuesday night and fussed just a bit when we laid him down and then went right to sleep. The power went off at 1am and scared Parker awake when the computer backup in the office kicked in and started beeping loudly. Fortunately Wesley slept through all that excitement and Parker just ended up in bed with us for a while. When the power came back on at 4:30am (along with all the lights and tvs), Daddy put Parker back in the office. Wesley managed to sleep until 8:30am, fussed for just a couple minutes and then zonked back out until 9:00am when he woke up starving. That's 10 hours of sleep in a row - whoo hoo! Tonight will be the real test though because Wesley has gone three nights in a row of long sleep stretches in a row and then gone back to getting up and down.

Also we have more Wesley news as Daddy discovered a tooth explosion inside his mouth today. To explain check out the nifty diagram below:

Before today, Wesley had O and P on the bottom for a while and F on the top is almost all the way through the gum. We thought E was going to be the next one through because the gum is swollen, but two other teeth are beating it to the punch. G on the top has already broken through and D on the top can be seen through the gum. So pretty soon he's gonna have three pearly whites up top and two on the bottom.

Since we were never able to get that video of Wesley with the Peek-A-Block to load (apparently it's too large), we took a small video tonight of Wesley using Parker's CARS stool as a drum. Enjoy!

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