Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Report

This weekend we sort of laid low and stuck pretty close to home. We did have an important home improvement project to attend to on Friday. Daddy installed "fences" (as Parker likes to call them) between the living room and kitchen and the living room and our room. We did this because Wesley had become fascinated by the cat food dishes on the floor in the kitchen and was constantly crawling out there to dump all the food on the floor.

This makes life a little more interesting in getting around in the house, especially for Parker. But it does keep Wesley out of the cat food and the cat box in our bathroom.

After church today we did a little shopping (Albertson's in town is closing and discounting), then it was home for lunch and to watch the Rays game on tv. During the Rays game, the little boys had tons of fun with toys on the floor. Later Daddy and Parker put together a dinosaur model kit while Mommy napped. When Mommy came out to fix dinner tonight, this was the scene in the living room - "all the mans" (another Parker term) sound asleep!

Then after dinner tonight Parker and Mommy worked on another project, one of those melted bead kits. He made four hearts - one each for Mommy, Daddy, Wesley and Parker. Here's Parker showing off all of his projects from the day:

And then tonight when we put Parker to bed, we let him set up camp on Daddy's futon. This is so we can work on trying to sleep train Wesley without being so worried about waking Parker up.

Wesley still isn't sleeping through the night and in fact we seem to have been going backwards lately. Friday morning he was awake from 5-6am and Saturday morning he was awake from 3:30-4:30am! We know it could be rough going but we want to work on it now before Parker starts VPK and before Daddy goes back to school next month.

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