Monday, September 29, 2008

10 Months Old and Counting

Wesley is now 10 months old and counting. It seems so hard to believe. Before you know it we're going to be blowing out candles on a first birthday cake again!

Our little man is so much fun!! He can stand by himself for a few seconds and will walk while holding onto your hands. But if he gets to thinking about what he is doing, Wesley will very quickly stick his butt out and drop to the ground. When he crawls around, he often stops to sit up on his knees with his legs tucked behind and wave his arms around. Wesley has several words he can say now: Dada, Mama, Bubba (for Bubby), Baba (bottle), and Hi! The little man has gotten much better at waving bye-bye and he still loves to clap and cheer, especially at Parker's karate class when they do the powerclaps at the end for each child. Wesley loves to eat and usually polished off 2-3 jars of baby food at each meal, plus he likes to snack on crackers and bread (and pizza crust when we go to Cici's). He loves to chase the cats so he can pet them (translation grab handfuls of their fur while grinning from ear to ear). Wesley loves to play the piano and can often be found standing and banging on the keys. Plus the little guy has the coolest flyaway blond hair that is usually sticking up in five different directions at once.

But the neatest part of watching Wesley grow up has been watching the boys together. Wesley is getting to the point now where he is able to actually to really play with Bubby and so you find them playing cars or trains or just chasing each other around the house. Here they are together a few nights ago in the big duck bathtub.

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