Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday Night Fun

Friday night Mommy and the boys headed off to spend time with the scrapbooking crew. Except this time there was no scrapbooking involved. We went to Miss Wendy's house for "Spa Night" as three of us had our hair colored by Miss Jean and Miss Stacee. We also used Miss Shirley's parrafin wax spa on our hands. The kids had fun hanging out and playing. As for Daddy, he mowed the lawn and then headed over to play Halo with the guys.

Here's Wesley and Cheyenne hanging out (we were teasing that he's already cheating on his girlfriend Emma with her cousin).

The boys watching Noggin on tv.

For grins and giggles, the boys buried Brandi the dog in the chair under all her dog toys.

Parker was so tired when we came home. This is as far as he made it in the house from the garage before laying down to sleep (yes we put him in bed later on!).

And on another note, Friday night was also the fifth night in a row that Parker stayed in his bed. Yeah!!!! He was so proud of himself. And we put his bunkbed back together today as a reward. Let's hope it stays up for a while because that thing is heavy!

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