Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catching Up

Wednesday Night - We went out for dinner with the Reverons to Cici's again. Wesley especially loves to eat pizza crust and at one point attempted to crawl across the table and steal Emma's pizza.

Thursday Morning - Mommy got all the way to school and went to take Parker inside only to hear, "Mommy, I left my shoes at home in the garage!" Good grief! So we went flying back home to get the shoes and then return to school! Fortunately we got him back in time so that Parker could participate in Jungle Bus Gymnastics. He absolutely loved it and the director said he did great! They worked on balancing, but his favorite part was jumping off in the ball pit.

Parker also had his first fire drill at the new school. Wisely they kept the kids on the playground when the alarms went off (so he didn't freak out), and all he remembers is a neat walk over to the hospital. His teachers, Mrs. Dillingham and Mrs. Valdez, seem to be pleased with Parker's progress. They say that he fits in like he's been there all along. His only problem this week was a little fussing one day because he didn't want to clean up. So they let him go hug his teddy bear from his cubby and then Parker was ready to cooperate.

Wesley came to the office with Mommy and ended up getting a playmate. Joseph (Aydenn's cousin) came inside to play while his mom and dad worked in the Pumpkin Patch with a schoolgroup. They ended up sharing snacks and watching Backyardigans on the DVD player.

Thursday Evening -
Mommy got a phone call from Daddy just as she was heading off to Bible Study last night. He wanted to say that "he would be home late because he had slid off the road getting off the Turnpike and was stuck in a ditch with water. But some nice people were there to help him get out and he'd call back later." Good grief! It was pouring down rain and Daddy had slid backwards down the Turnpike exit and then gone over the side of the embankment into a ditch below. Thankfully a bunch of people stopped to help push/pull the car out of the ditch and got Daddy back up on level ground again. Daddy realized he had a flat tire and fortunately one of the Road Rangers came and put on the spare tire for him. We are so thankful that Daddy wasn't injured and that there was no major damage to the car. We cannot understand why the car didn't roll down the embankment, but are grateful to God for watching over Daddy.

Unfortunately, Daddy only got a few miles down the road into Groveland before he realized he had another flat tire! Of course by now it's late and all the tire places/service stations (even Wal-Mart) were closed. So some nice people allowed Daddy to leave the car in their yard and Grandmommy and Granddaddy drove to Groveland to pickup Daddy and drive him home (as well as the two bad tires).

We called it quits early at Bible Study because of all the interruptions in trying to find out what was happening with Daddy. Several folks offered to go pick Daddy up or ride with Mommy to pick him up and others offered to babysit the boys. Eventually Leslie and Rael followed us home to keep us company and get the boys settled down. Here's Wesley and Parker enjoying special fudgesicle treats:

And here's the two bad tires on the garage floor after Daddy got home. Parker was fascinated by these when he got up the next morning.

Friday - Daddy took the two tires to Tire Kingdom and was hoping to get them plugged. But one was almost bald and the other was dry-rotting. So we bought two new tires. After preschool was over for Parker, we headed off in the minivan to Groveland to put the new tires on and bring the car home.

Fortunately Daddy was able to put the new tires on quickly. We realized in looking at the other two tires that they should probably be replaced as well. So after getting home, it was right back to Tire Kingdom for the other tires and also an oil change. Whew! - we hope we're done with car maintenance/repairs for a while.

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