Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Our Halloween morning started off with a costume parade as all the children from Kids At The Point dressed up and walked through the first floor of the hospital. Here's Parker with some of his friends getting ready. His lightsaber was a big hit with all the boys.

Even the teachers dressed up: Mrs. Valdez is wearing a crown and Mrs. Dillingham is a Papa John's delivery person.

Parker and Danny the Pirate.

The security patrol was out blocking traffic so the parents and kids could cross the parking lot over to the hospital. We walked in the back and then down the hallways all the way up to the front. Lots of hospital employees stood lining the hallways oohing and aahing over all the kids in costume (the littlest kids rode in the big commercial strollers). Everything wound up in the cafeteria where even more people were gathered to watch. Danny and Parker were line buddies. Just before leaving the cafeteria, several employees were handing big bags of candy to all the children.

Here's the three musketeers from Angels now at Kids At The Point: Parker as Darth Vader, Danny the Pirate and Justus the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Afterwards the kids changed out of their costumes and had fun with Halloween parties.

This evening we picked up Miss Rael and went to Bev DeLuca's house. Bev is a member of our church who throws a big Halloween open house every year. She decorates and puts out quite a spread of goodies you can eat there and then goodies you can fill up your candy bag with.

After leaving Miss Bev's we headed out to Trunk N Treat at First UMC in Hudson where we picked up some more candy. The best trunk we've seen so far was based on Jaws - very awesome.

Then when we took Miss Rael home, we got out and walked around with her for a while in her neighborhood trick or treating. A few folks had very elaborate decorations and some of the scary stuff bothered Parker, especially the guy dressed up as a pile of leaves that jumped out at him while he was ringing the doorbell! But he did really well hanging in there and then we stopped by to show Miss Leslie and Boo the dog our candy haul. Wesley especially had fun playing with Boo.

The result - a ton of candy to bring home and one very tired Ewok and Darth Vader! Happy Halloween!

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