Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Fun with Friends

Yesterday at school, Parker got to participate in a hearing/language/speech screening. He passed everything with flying colors, so now we know that he just chooses to ignore us when we talk to him at home! He also had a special surprise visitor - his friend Danny from Angels. Danny and his parents came to check out Kids At The Point and when they walked into Parker's classroom, Danny came running up to hug Parker. Danny and Parker were "best buds" at school, and Danny always greeted Parker every morning with a huge smile and an enthusiastic cheer (Parker's here!!!!) plus a big bear hug. We don't know if Danny's family had made a decision yet, but perhaps Parker will have two old friends at school next week, since Justus will start there then as well.

In the afternoon, Daddy operated "Daryl's Daycare" in the nursery at church for a while as he watched our boys as well as Joseph, Cheyanne and Emma so that Joey could work in the Patch and Jean could keep an appointment. Later on, Joey took Mommy and Daddy and Miss Shirley and Miss Wendy and all the kids for a hayride back through the woods.

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