Monday, October 13, 2008

The Pumpkin Patrol

The Reverons worked hard last week finding enough orange t-shirts to make more Pumpkin Patrol shirts for all the Patch volunteers. And they even found some kid sized ones. Parker was ecstatic when Aydenn gave him his Pumpkin Patrol shirt at church on Sunday morning! And he's so happy that it looks just like the grown-up shirts.

And here's his monster face he made with his shirt!

Then later on Sunday afternoon, Mommy and Parker headed up to the Patch to spend some time with Miss Leslie and Stacee and Aydenn.

The boys had a blast playing together in the Patch. Here they are going around and checking out all the decorations and the benches to make sure everything was setup alright.

Aydenn had his walkie-talkies and after Parker figured out how to use them the two boys spread out in the Patch.

Mommy and Stacee and the boys helped move some pumpkins around from the back of the Patch up to the front to fill in some missing spaces. But Parker almost ended up spending the rest of the day in his room at home. At one point Mommy turned around to find that he had grabbed some of the mini pumpkins and was throwing them into a big mud puddle! He had a whole other armload of pumpkins ready to pitch in the puddle when Mommy caught him! When she yelled his name, he dropped the pumpkins and ran in the other direction. He had to sit in time out for a little bit and then clean up the pumpkins and put them away! So much for Pumpkin Patrol!

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