Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Today was our 30th anniversary and church conference celebration in worship this morning at church. One of the former pastors came back as our guest speaker and afterwards we had a lovely potluck luncheon complete with an anniversary cake and some snapshots from over the years.

After worship we came home and watched the Bucs game. Actually Daddy and Parker watched the whole game while Mommy and Wesley napped. Wesley has not been feeling well yesterday and today - we think he has a slight cold on top of teething - he has a low fever and a very runny nose! But everyone was awake for the 4th quarter and overtime to watch the Bucs come back and win the game!!

While they were watching the game today, Daddy and Parker redid his train tracks and this is what they came up with - pretty great!

Worn out by all the day's activities, Wesley later decided to take another nap, this time on Daddy.

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