Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day After Christmas Fun

The day started off nice and relaxing, sleeping in and then after waking up, having doughnuts for breakfast and letting the boys play with their toys. Then came the phone call from Uncle Daniel. He's known he's had a hernia for about a month but was managing ok. Last night he was in severe pain. A trip to the dr. this morning revealed an incarcerated hernia and he had to have emergency outpatient hernia surgery today. The cousins went to stay with their other Grandpa while Grandmommy and Aunt Dawn stayed at the hospital.

While we were waiting for news on Uncle Daniel, Daddy's friend Mike called and came over. Mike and Daddy were best friends in high school, playing in the band together and running on the track and cross country teams together. Daddy was in Mike and his wife Christine's wedding and Mike and Christine were our best man and matron of honor. But the last time we'd actually seen Mike was Christmas of 99 when his family stopped by our house in Kentucky on their way to see relatives in Indiana. Since then, Mike's been in the Army and stationed in Washington state, Germany and deployed to Iraq several times. Right now Christine and their two boys are in Germany while Mike's in Georgia for some training. He got the chance to come down for a week and spend the holiday with his folks. It was so great to see him again and we had a wonderful afternoon visiting. It was just like old times.

After dinner, Uncle Daniel came home from the hospital. The four of us went down with Grandmommy to their house to help Aunt Dawn get him settled in, help the kids put away/put together some of their Christmas presents and help the kids get ready for bed. Uncle Daniel seems to be doing really well. This is his second hernia surgery in the last two years and hopefully, his last. Here he is camping out in their living room. We had his birthday party scheduled for Sunday and hopefully he'll feel up to celebrating.

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