Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Eve of Christmas Eve

So what did we do today? Mommy spent the day at the church office working trying to get everything ready for Christmas Eve and Sunday worship and tie up some loose ends before our trip. She was visited for several hours by Daddy and the boys as well as Miss Rael who helped by assembling candles for tomorrow night's Christmas Eve service, as well as the candy cane gifts for the kids during children's moment. They also put away a ton of food in the food pantry cabinets that had been brought in from one of the local schools through our karate school. Only Wesley didn't pull his weight - he took a 4 hour nap in the nursery! But he did have some fun hanging out with Miss Rael later on.

Wesley's long nap meant that he was wired up and very energized after getting home. And he got into absolutely everything, including Mommy's purse. That's not blood on his fingers and mouth - it's Mommy's favorite lipstick! Which ended up on his clothes and all over him and also the arm of the leather recliner in the living room. Lots of fun!

The plan for tomorrow? To relax as much as possible! All the presents are purchased and wrapped so we just need to pack and load up the car for a trip to see the families after worship tomorrow night. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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