Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tempus Fugit

Time is quickly flying by. It's only 8 days until Christmas. It's only 17 days until Mommy and Daddy leave on our trip. So much to do and so little time left to get it all accomplished. Still have to finish Christmas shopping and need to wrap everything up. Still need to shop for some items for the trip and pack up, as well as pack the boys, and make sure all the legal loose ends are tied up for the boys' care in our absence. Still have to tie up all the loose ends at the church for things to happen in Mommy's absence.

But even as the ToDo list seems to grow longer, the excitement and anticipation are mounting. We are so much looking forward to this Christmas with Wesley because he's at an age to really enjoy playing with the presents (boxes/paper). We're thrilled about the upcoming trip and the possibility of fulfilling some lifelong dreams in visiting Egypt and Israel. But really until we get past Christmas, the trip in many ways just seems surreal.

So in the middle of it all we continue to try and enjoy the little moments. Today "the mans" stopped by Mommy's office after picking Parker up from school. The boys love visiting Mr. David at church and getting the chance to play with all his electronic gadgets. Their favorite today was still the Hess Truck with the cool snowplow!

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