Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the Verdict Is....

Daddy gets to be a pastor too!

Daddy had a great interview with the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry this morning. There were four sections to his paperwork (preaching, theology, leadership, personal growth) and Daddy only got one question about sermon preparation and all the other questions focused in on his theology. There were four candidates to be interviewed this morning and the process actually went over time with Daddy not hearing from the executive committee about how he did until almost 1pm! The executive committee congratulated him on becoming a provisional elder and affirmed some of the strengths they observed in him - his perseverance in pursuing his call again after stopping for so many years while working retail, his calm presence as he interviewed because they said he seemed very genuine and very "comfortable in his own skin," and the growth that people on the board who know him have observed in him over the last few years. Then the board gave Daddy one contingency to work on during his three years as a provisional elder - a directed study to work on articulating his theology. They loved how he wrote about it in his paperwork but felt his verbal answers were a little brief. Everybody usually gets at least one contingency for something and Daddy feels good about this one because he knows that meeting with someone to talk about theology will benefit him tremendously in the long run.

So Daddy will be in the system and appointed as a pastor somewhere in July. He already has a call in to his district superintendent to setup a meeting. And the next big dates coming up for us are Daddy's graduation from Asbury in Orlando on Saturday, May 16th and Daddy's commissioning as a provisional elder at Annual Conference in Daytona Beach on Friday, June 12th.

Just call us the Revs. Allens!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! As always I am so happy and proud of you.
Aunt Jani