Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daddy Needed Surgery

Tuesday night Daddy started having pain in his abdomen. The pain got worse and worse as the evening went on and nothing helped. By 1:00am on Wednesday morning he started throwing up. So by 2:45am we had packed up the boys in the car and headed for the local ER. Thankfully they weren't too busy!

At 4:30am Mommy and the boys headed for home for a nap because it would be another two hours before Daddy could get his ct scan. At 7:00am Daddy called home and let Mommy know that he was going to need his appendix taken out today. Fortunately Miss Leslie was able to stay home from work and stay with Wesley and Mommy took Parker up to school at the hospital early. Then later Grandmommy and Grandma both joined us at the hospital. Daddy was admitted to the hospital and then taken down to pre-op at 11am. But it would be 3pm before he actually went into surgery! Fortunately, the surgery only lasted about 45 minutes as Dr. Martin (Mommy's surgeon from last year) was able to remove the appendix laproscopically. Everything went beautifully and by 5:30pm Daddy was back up in his hospital room and talking.

Meanwhile at home, Miss Rael had switched out shifts with her mom after school and had been entertaining our little guys and feeding them dinner. Mommy came home about 6:00pm and scooped them all up so they could go say Hi at the hospital. Provided all goes well this evening with Daddy and in the morning, he should be able to come home from the hospital tomorrow after breakfast.

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