Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Rounds 1 and 2

Here's what the Easter bunny left for Parker and Wesley at our house on Sunday morning. The boys certainly enjoyed playing with all their new stuff.

Then we went to church. We had a great morning in worship, one of our highest attended Sundays with 274! Then after worship we had a big Easter Egg Hunt in the back playgrounds for the kids. Parker got to hunt on the big kid side since he was 5. His comment afterwards was "that was a lot harder!" Don't worry he still managed to find about a dozen eggs.

Here's Parker with his best bud Aydenn.

Wesley hunted on the little kids' playground with Daddy. He likes to find the Easter eggs and also likes to try and eat them!

When it was all over, Wesley got to go to the big kids' side and tackle the slide. Yes that is a smile - that boy loves a slide!

After we came home from church we realized that we had not gotten anyone to take our family picture all dressed up. So this is our best attempt at home with the automatic feature on the camera.

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