Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday Service

Last night was our Good Friday service at church entitled "Reflections from the Cross." The basic premise is that Mary of Bethany invites many of Jesus' friends and followers to join her in her home on the evening of Jesus' crucifixion for the chance to share in a meal together and to share memories of Jesus. Mommy played Mary of Bethany; here she is inviting everyone to come up to her house.

Most of the cast up front at the table. From left to right is Tondra (soloist), Rael (Martha of Bethany), Michale (Joseph of Arimathea), Richard (Disciple Andrew), Ken (man healed of Legion of demons), Nellie (Salome, mother of James and John), Mommy and Ann and Tabatha (Justa and Bernice).

Daddy as one of the disciples remembering how Jesus celebrated communion from the night before and leading the cast and then the entire congregation in sharing communion through intinction.

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