Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break Update

Parker has spent three partial days at the office with Mommy this week at his request. On Tuesday he came with Daddy and Wesley and met Mommy and Miss Rael to rearrange the sanctuary for the Good Friday drama presentation. What a great helper he was moving all the altar furniture around! On Wednesday he just wanted to come hang out with Mommy and watch some movies while sitting in her office. And today, he came to the office and helped stuff the eggs for the Sunday's Easter Egg Hunt after church. He got to spend time with one of his friends Shalyn and made a new friend Rachel. They had quite the assembly line going in the conference room and had a lot of fun stuffing 375 eggs for Sunday!!!!

Then afterwards, Shalyn's grandma Miss Becky (who is also Parker's Sunday school teacher) went and picked up McDonald's for lunch and let Shalyn and Parker have a little picnic lunch outside under the trees and then play on the church playground for a while. He SO did not want to come home today after all of that fun!

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