Saturday, April 25, 2009

Top Ten List About Parker

10. Parker's new favorite show on TV is a Disney cartoon called "Phineas and Ferb." He set up the DVR to record it and watches it every morning while he eats his breakfast.

9. When Parker starts talking, he doesn't need to breathe and just keeps going and going..... and sometimes it's so very hard to get a word in edgewise.

8. Parker loves to go to school, except he hates to get up in the morning. So he fights a little bit but once he gets there he's excited. He likes his teachers and his friends, circle time and center time, he loves the playgrounds, and he especially loves Thursdays when the Jungle Bus comes to visit.

7. Parker is extremely talented at playing Wii. His favorite game is NASCAR cart racing and he could play for hours on end if you let him. He gets excited about winning and unlocking more drivers and race tracks.

6. Parker likes to match his clothes. If he's wearing a Lightning McQueen t-shirt, chances are his undies will be CARS too. And if possible he likes for him and Wesley to match their clothes together. Parker says that if you match, then you are friends.

5. Parker keeps growing and getting taller too. In fact this past week, he graduated from his booster seat to a regular kitchen chair at the table which was a big deal for him!

4. Parker and Wesley usually lay down for an afternoon nap and sleep for two hours. Although lately they've taken to "talking" to each other and playing, throwing pets back and forth while that they're in bed.

3. Parker loves to teach his brother new things. Sometimes that's good and sometimes it makes life very interesting, especially when Parker taught Wesley how to jump off the furniture.

2. Our family nickname for big brother Parker is Bubby although right now Wesley pronounces it Bubba.

1. Every night when he goes to bed after he says his "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer, Parker says another prayer where he prays to God for someone special. Usually he'll ask us before he prays if "there is someone who is sick and can't come to church."

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