Monday, May 18, 2009

Daddy's Graduation

Daddy's graduation from Asbury Seminary was this past Saturday. Things got started at 8:45am in the morning, as Daddy and Mommy arrived at the Primero Iglesia Christiana Discipulos de Christo de Hispana in Orlando for graduation rehearsal. First Daddy had to pick up his robe, hood, cap and tassel. He was supposed to drive over and pick them up before but that was right after his surgery. So the Director of Community Life picked them up and even pressed his robe (Thanks Kandace) and brought them to rehearsal. There were about 52 graduates with varying degrees and Daddy was the 2nd person in the Master of Divinity group. After they practiced processing and recessing, one of the professors preached and everyone shared in communion together - it was very nice.

After the rehearsal, we headed over to a Holiday Inn nearby for a special lunch. Asbury provided free tickets for every graduate and their spouse. We got a nice chance to visit with Daryl's professor, Dr. Tuttle. The speaker for our lunch was the seminary president, Dr. Ellsworth Kalas. Then we met Grandmommy, Granddaddy, Grannie and the boys back at the seminary for an open house and tour. They even had several gifts for the graduates including a very nice travel mug, mouse pad and a picture of Jesus made up of the words from the Gospel of John.

By this time it was 2:15pm and time to head back over to the church, which fortunately was only around the corner from the seminary. Daddy went in to line up and we all went in to stake out seats. Grandma also came as well as Uncle Daniel, Aunt Dawn and the cousins. Grandmommy had brought her wonderful activity bag and so this was how the kids stayed occupied during the ceremony.

Plus of course Parker took a couple of pictures of his own.

Graduation was very nice and designed like a worship service. We sang some hymns and praise songs. Then Dr. Steve Harper preached. He is the vice-president of the seminary and the leader of the Florida-Dunnam campus. He is going to be stepping down as vice-president soon to go back to full-time teaching. Then finally it was time to recognize the graduates. They honored some students with certificates from the new Latino/Latina Studies Program and next the Master of Arts students. Daddy was supposed to be the second student in the MDiv program to walk, however the provost who was reading the names out of the program skipped him and called four other people before Daddy had to walk up to her and point his name out in the program! Then she called his name. Dr. Harper whispered to Daddy as he knelt for his hood - Well we may have messed up the alphabet a little but at least we got you over here! And he apologized to Daddy again after the service was over.

Daddy kneeling and getting hooded.

Daddy being congratulated by seminary president, Dr. Kalas.

Then after it was all over we took a bunch of pictures to celebrate!!!!

Group picture after graudation ceremony.

Daddy and his friend Jeremy Alexander.

Daddy and his friend Mike Weaver. These guys have gone through all of their District Board interviews together too.

Daddy and his friend Bob Rushworth. They also worked together as chaplains at Tampa General.

Daddy and his professor/mentor Dr. Bob Tuttle.

Daddy and his academic advisor and Hebrew professor, Dr. Bill Patrick.

Daddy and Dr. Steve Harper.

Wesley got a little restless towards the end - he was pretty tired. So Grandma took him to stand in the back and eventually he fell asleep. He was just worn out from all of the excitement!

We woke Wesley up to get some family pictures and he was not happy. This was the nicest one we got out of the bunch!

After graduation was over, we headed back to Seffner. Grandma and Grannie went home and the rest of us changed clothes and headed out to Chili's to celebrate. We had a lovely dinner and even a cake from Grandmommy and Granddaddy.

It was a long but wonderful day. We were so glad to be able to see Daddy reach the milestone of graduating from seminary. He has certainly worked long and hard for this accomplishment and we are so proud of him. It was a day that we will not soon forget.

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