Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Five

1. Parker went to the dentist on Tuesday before Daddy got sick. We're happy to report that Mr. Parker had no cavities and did an excellent job at holding still for his x-rays and cleaning. Of course, it helped that his favorite tv show was on while he was in the chair (Phineas and Ferb). And then in between his cleaning and the dentist checking on him, Parker got to sit in the waiting room and play video games. He was very excited!

2. Parker is turning into quite the little caregiver. He wants to help Daddy however he can, volunteering to get water, popsicles, medicine, etc. Also this afternoon when Wesley fell off a kitchen chair, Parker went running for his doctor kit to check him all out. Wesley seems to be picking up the theme too. When Daddy showed Wesley his boo-boos today, Wesley went running to the doctor kit and brought Daddy back the big plastic bandaid.

3. We missed our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class last night (Maybe you've heard Dave Ramsey on the radio?) Mommy usually leads but Aydenn's Daddy (Errick) filled in for her since she was still trying to get Daddy home. It's been very helpful for us and we would highly recommend the class to everyone as the materials are designed to get couples to really communicate about their finances and make decisions together. Plus much of the curriculum is Biblically-based.

4. We're so very thankful for our good friendswho have helped us out this week already with babysitting the munchkins. And tonight Miss Sue brought us some yummy tortilla soup and chips for dinner!

5. Grandmommy and Granddaddy stopped by tonight to see Daddy too! The boys were thrilled to pieces to have their grandparents here and of course, Parker had to show off how well he does his NASCAR Wii game.... We're also thankful that Daddy is home and doing well.

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