Friday, May 22, 2009

Parker's Graduation

Although he technically has seven days of school left, today was Parker's VPK graduation from Kids At The Point. It was a combined graduation for both VPK classes and was held at the hospital's conference center on the back of the property.

When we arrived, the hallways inside had been decorated with the children's artwork. Here's Parker's piece entitled "what I want to be when I grow up."

And here's Parker with his graduation self-portrait.

There were also some display boards of pictures set up on tables in the lobby. Here's one of Parker with some of his school buddies.

Before walking into the conference room, Mommy was handed a special button with a picture of our special graduate:

The staff and teachers had arranged a very nice program with all of the classes doing a special opening tribute to the flag. Here's the program for our time together:

Each child got to sing a couple of songs with their individual class and then several big group songs. Parker had been practicing in his room this week with his school cd and he sang out nice and loud today, especially on one of the action songs. The conference room was absolutely jam-packed and we ended up in the very back so it was kind of hard to see with all the parents trying to get pictures.

Following the song time, all the kids got to sit down up front and watch a movie with all kinds of pictures from their school year. It was very sweet and Parker was in several of the pictures, including one where he was working on the computer.

Here is Parker receiving his graduation bag of goodies.

Inside his goodie bag was his diploma, a book entitled "the Night Before Kindergarten," a copy of the movie of pictures from school, and a pillowcase decorated with handprints from his friends:

And here's Parker with his teachers after the program. That's Mrs. Dillingham on the left and Mrs. Valdez on the right.

Since Daddy got to go out to eat after his graduation, Parker had been asking all week if we could go out to eat after his graduation. His choice for a restaurant? Steak-N-Shake! Here he is enjoying a strawberry shake along with a hamburger and fries.

Then we took Parker out to Toys-R-Us and let him spend the money in his piggy bank on whatever he wanted. After a lot of looking and thinking, he came home with 5 new Monster Trucks!

And there was another present waiting for him at home from Grandmommy and Granddaddy, who had sent a card with a McDonald's gift card and also a book about telling time.

We had a wonderful day together and we are so proud of our big boy!

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