Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Midweek Roundup

Today Wesley learned how to crawl out of his crib during nap time instead of sleeping!!! Mommy caught him headed up the ladder into his brother's bunkbed. That sort of answered our question about whether to set up the crib or a big boy bed with a siderail when we get to Ocala. And his latest fascination is to get cheese slices out of the fridge and bring them to you. Mostly they get mangled as he tries to chew on the plastic. Would anyone like to adopt an 18 month old?

We're thankful that Parker is so enthralled with the Wii right now because it is seriously helping to keep him occupied while Mommy and Daddy are trying to pack. That and Miss Rael coming over to hang out.

The cats managed to get out of the bathroom this morning about 6:00am. We were going to let them out at noon anyway, so we let them stay. They have been hiding under our bed most of the day (their favorite getaway spot) and seem to have forgiven us for sending them off to the vet.

The great pack/sort continues. Rooms that are done: master bath and bedroom, living room, hall closet, garage, office. Rooms partially done: master bedroom closet, attic, back porch. Rooms where we haven't packed a box: boys bedroom, kitchen (those are Thursday's projects). Then we have to haul our old living room furniture away, plus donate a bunch of toys/kids items somewhere and take a bunch of clothes/knickknacks to the church thrift shop. In addition, we need to pickup a china cabinet from a church member and get all of the boxes of books and knickknacks home from the church. Thankfully we had a church member stop by today to pick up all of the clothes that Wesley has outgrown, along with a bunch of assorted miscellaneous baby stuff. Once we get everything packed, then it will be time to tackle the three page cleaning list for the house that the conference office sent to us - including cleaning all the windows and screens!

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