Saturday, July 11, 2009

House Tour

So the house isn't completely finished being set up yet, but we thought you all might like to take a peek at what we've got so far. The inside of the house was completely renovated about two years ago, with new laminate flooring and new appliances and some upgrades in the bathrooms and all the painting. Some of our favorite features include all of the built-ins and the wonderful well as the huge backyard (although the torrential downpours we've been receiving this week have sort of kept us inside).

Front Yard

Back Yard and Patio


Living Room

Dining Room


Family Room

The Cat Bath

Hallway to Bedrooms

Boys' Bath

Toy Room

The closet on the right hand side is full of built in shelves and completely full of toys.

Boys' Bedroom - Parker has asked that we change the paint colors in here and the Trustees said ok. We hope to do that sometime in the next week or so. Meanwhile, Wesley has graduated to a big boy bed and now sleeps on the bottom bunk!

Master Bedroom and Bath - We're hoping to paint this blue wall the same color tan as the other walls in here. The new bedspread set was from Grandma and Grandpa for our anniversary and also came with drapes that Miss Joan is hemming for us.


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