Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekly Wrapup

MONDAY - Both of the boys started at their new daycare, First UMC of Ocala's Preschool. Wesley is part of the Toddling Turtles class and Parker is a part of a summer camp group of older kids. Wesley fussed when we left but apparently had a good day playing. He even took a nap - which was something it took Parker months to do after he started daycare.

TUESDAY - Parker's class got to go on a field trip to the local movie theater for the free kids movie - still not sure what he saw. He had a great time! After school, Parker and Wesley wanted to go for a walk. We ended up going a couple of blocks south to Fisher Park. The park is a city block and has this great big redwood jungle gym, a basketball court, a couple of raquetball walls, a dog park, as well as a baseball diamond with dugouts. The boys really enjoyed themselves.

WEDNESDAY - Our new district superintendent stopped by the house in the afternoon to drop off a welcome basket of wonderful goodies from Panera Bread. Later after picking up the boys from daycare we ran some errands. Absolutely loving the Michael's up here - it's very high end and the entire center of the store is dedicated to scrapbooking! They were also very gracious as well because when we were shopping Wesley knocked a frame off the shelf and broke it and they told us not to worry about it.

THURSDAY - After the kids got out of daycare we went to visit a karate dojo. Before we moved Parker seemed to be getting tired of karate and told us he wanted a break for a while. But this past Monday and Tuesday he started asking about karate at breakfast. This was a dojo that Sensei Sheri had found for us after doing some caling around. The instructor was nice and the kids seemed to enjoy it but Parker would be one of the youngest in the class and it seems much more geared towards kata (rehearsed moves) than the kind of fun exercises and games he's used to. Also the class meets twice a week for 45 minutes each instead of the 30 minutes once a week that Parker's used to. So we're still undecided about whether or not we'll be sending him. At home Wesley decided to create some excitement by grabbing the hot lightbulb in the piano lamp with his hand. He has two fingers with really good size blisters.

FRIDAY - Wesley's treat this week was water day at school and we had to send his swimsuit and a towel. Miss Louisa said he wasn't too sure about it at first, but soon was enjoying himself. He's trying to use his sign language at school and is still continuing to take a good two hour nap there! But when he came home he was super tired and clingy and we discovered he had a fever. After getting some medicine, he ended up chilling in the chair with Mommy for most of the evening. This was also our anniversary but since our big trip in January was our present to each other we just had a nice low key evening at home.

SATURDAY - Since Wesley learned how to climb out of the crib a couple of weeks ago, we tried to sell it on Craiglist and Ebay before we moved. While some people called about it, no one followed through in buying it. So we had the movers bring it with us and put it up again for sale a couple of days ago. This morning we met a very nice couple from Williston up at the church who bought the crib (with mattress and comforter set) to help out a family friend. Then we spent most of the rest of the day putting pictures up in our bedroom, the hallway, the living room and the dining room, as well as doing some laundry and trying to organize the garage some more.

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