Thursday, July 30, 2009

Middle of the Night Scaries

Mommy and Daddy went to bed about 11:30pm last night and were soon sound asleep. About 1:30am we sat straight up in bed, looked at each other and went "What was that?" Then we heard the noise again and Daddy realized first that someone was ringing our doorbell and pounding on our front door. From the boys' toy room window he could see that there was a cop car in our driveway. That always makes your heart kind of jump up in your throat!

When Daddy opened the door, one of the officers from the Ocala Police Department asked if he was the pastor of Druid Hills UMC. Turns out there had been some suspicious activity at some businesses on 17th Street (the main road the church sits on) and the officers had been going around checking on local businesses. When they checked the doors at the church, they found that one of the doors was unlocked. The officers looked around inside and fortunately nothing was disturbed. But you need a key to lock the door. Somehow the police knew where the church parsonage was located and came to get Daddy to lock up. So Daddy went down to church, while the officers waited with him, and locked up before coming home and going back to bed.

We're very grateful that the police department was so diligent in checking on the church. But after getting jarred out of a deep sleep like that it took a while to wind down. We were finally able to get back to sleep around 2:30am. And we're also thankful that all the noise did not wake the boys up!

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