Monday, September 7, 2009

Adventure To Gainesville

Since we all had the day off from work, school and daycare today, we decided to get up and head out to check out a little bit of Gainesville. Specifically, Daddy wanted to show the boys the football stadium at UF and Mommy wanted to visit the big mall there in town.

We couldn't have picked a better day to tour the campus, because it was like a ghost town for the holiday. We drove around campus for a while and took a chance on parking near the sports complexes without the official orange decal. First we wandered past the basketball arena and Parker decided he wanted his picture taken here.

Then it was over to the front of the football stadium. We had seen several families posing with the big gator statue while driving around and Mommy wanted to get pictures of her guys there.

Turns out this was a special place for some honors and awards. We saw Tim Tebow and also Mike Pearson (from Armwood - Mommy also went to school with him at Temple Heights).

And then Parker ran up the stairs because he wanted to get his picture taken with the glass etching of the Gator on the window. Afterwards Mommy realized that behind the window were an awful lot of trophies in cases. And since the door was open, we wandered around inside.

Cases with the three National Championship Trophies.

Cases highlighting Florida's three Heisman Trophy winners.

The boys in front of one of the two cases showing off Florida's eight SEC Championship trophies.

Parker wanted to go inside the stadium and look around. But we weren't quite sure how we could pull that off. Except it turns out that right outside this lobby with all the trophies was an entrance to the stadium that was wide open. We ventured inside for just a moment hoping to take a quick peek and a picture and it turns out that we weren't the only ones with that idea - we spotted at least twenty other people wandering around in the stadium. Several official people with a golf cart also went by us and never said a word. So we took our time and enjoyed a nice long look around.

Before we left, Parker had one more place that he wanted to see. He wanted to find the baseball field. Because this is where Parker talks about playing someday since his master plan is to play baseball for the Gators and then for the Rays. Coincidentally, he also tells us that we'll have to move again when he goes to Gainesville and St. Petersburg because it's too far to drive to those places from Ocala! Fortunately for us the baseball stadium gates were also unlocked and we got to wander around inside for a bit.

After our fun tour of all things Gator sports, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Oaks Mall, getting lunch and looking around before heading back to Ocala. Oh and there was that quick side trip just to drive through downtown Micanopy, where the movie Doc Hollywood was filmed.

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