Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And a Baseball Career Begins

Tonight while Mommy had a Worship Committee meeting at church, Daddy took Parker (and Wesley) to his first tee-ball practice. There are ten little boys with Coach Marsh on Parker's team and they are being sponsored by a local veterinary clinic.

Parker had an absolute blast and came home talking a mile a minute about his experience. When he was up to bat, he didn't need the tee - they will pitch three to four balls and if you haven't been able to get a hit then they will bring out the tee. And when it was his turn in the outfield, he got to stand at first base just like his hero Carlos Pena of the Rays! The first game is Saturday and we'll be sure to keep you posted.

Here they are practicing running the bases....

A short video of running the bases - in his zest to run, Parker gets out of line and goes around some of the other kids and even manages to trip up the coach's son!

And finally, here is Parker up to bat!

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