Thursday, October 22, 2009

Open House

Tonight we hosted the first of four open houses for the Druid Hills folks in the parsonage. This is something we did when we lived in Fort Myers, but were never able to pull off in Hudson. We had nine people this evening for our "In Home Gathering." We served refreshments, using our King pumpkin as a centerpiece, and also gave tours of the house. This congregation renovated the parsonage extensively about two years ago, but most of the folks have not seen the result of that hard work and diligence. Then we sat down together in the living room and talked about what it means to be the church and what Druid Hills does well and what purposes of the church people are most passionate about. We had Miss Kelly from Mommy's church (and Parker's school) come back and babysit the boys tonight and she did an excellent job of keeping them occupied outside and in their toy room while the rest of us were meeting! We're looking forward to the next couple of weeks as we get to invite more folks in and get to know them better.

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