Sunday, October 25, 2009

Super Sunday

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. And today both congregations recognized Mommy and Daddy for their efforts. After worship in Belleview, there was a wonderful luncheon in the fellowship hall honoring Mommy, with a special cake for dessert. She was also presented with a wonderful basket of cards and gifts and a couple of people got up to share their appreciation at the luncheon. Very nice! Daddy was surprised by a very nice presentation and love offering during his worship service and also his congregation had a special cake for him in his luncheon after worship. We're so grateful for both congregations, for how they have welcomed us and made us feel at home. We feel very blessed and thankful for all the shows of appreciation today (and every day). It is our privilege to serve!

Also we had an interesting surprise this morning. Our phone rang this morning and our bedroom clock said that it was 6am. It was Mommy's Aunt Dales who lives in Tallahassee but was down in Ocala visiting her son Glenn and his wife Patsy. She was wondering about directions to the church and seemed shocked that she had woken us up. After getting off the phone Mommy happened to check her cell phone - and that's when we discovered that the clock in our bedroom had automatically fallen back an hour a weekend early! We were running late! So many thanks to Aunt Dales for getting us up and moving because it was actually 7am. She and Glenn and Patsy all came for worship this morning and it was wonderful to see Aunt Dales and Glenn and to meet Patsy for the first time!

***Please note Mommy's new outfit! She received many compliments today and she was quick to let people know that Daddy had taken her shopping this week at Coldwater Creek and picked it out himself. He definitely gets an "A"!

The family also got a special treat in worship this morning because it was Parker's first time to sing in worship as part of the Joyful Noise Choir. They sang two songs and did a really great job! And yes we captured the moment on DVD for Daddy to watch later.

After his lunch Daddy drove down to Belleview to pick up the boys while Mommy stayed behind to lead charge conference. We had a cluster charge conference with four other churches and Mommy was the presider and convener for a special time of worship and the individual business meetings to follow. It was great to hear about the ministries of Nueva Vida and Little Chapel in Santos as well as St. John and Wesley Chapel in Cotton Plant in addition to talking about all that's going on with Belleview.

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