Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dress Up Bears

One of BUMC's missions at Christmas is Dress Up Bears for the Salvation Army. We get 75 bears from them in white, tan and brown. We get folks from our congregation to sign out the bears and take them home to get dressed up. Then the bears have to be back at church by November 22nd. We return the bears to the Salvation Army and they use them to hand out as Christmas presents to underprivileged children. We picked up two bears - one for each of our boys to dress. When we first brought the bears home, the boys thought that they were for them to keep - we found one bear in Wesley's bed and one bear in Parker's bed! But Mommy shared with them about what the bears were for and Parker got excited at the idea of helping someone else. Last Friday we went shopping for clothes (Wal-Mart preemie outfits fit the bears!). Parker picked out these two sleepers that he wanted to dress the bears up in and so we were able to return them to the church this weekend to await their new home!

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