Thursday, November 5, 2009

Report Card Day

So today was the day that the official report cards came home for the 1st nine weeks at South Ocala Elementary School.

In case you can't read the picture, for academics Parker received seven Es (exceeds grade level) and one S for Art (sucessfully meeting grade expectations). And for conduct, Parker received seven Es and one S for PE.

Mommy and Daddy stand amazed each and every day when he comes home at what he is learning in school. Last week he came home and taught us the difference between solids-liquids-gas. Then they moved onto some new shapes in class - sphere, cones, cylinders and rectangular prisms! And his homework......last night he had to read a small book that the teacher sent home, write the name of the book on a piece a paper, write one sentence describing the book and draw a picture illustrating something from the book. Tonight he had to write two sentences using the word "see" and a descriptive adjective and draw a picture - "I see a small dog" was one of his sentences. So we are very proud of him for what he is learning and how well he is doing in school!

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