Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some People Can Sleep Anywhere

Several nights this week our bedtime situation has been rather difficult. Parker will fall right asleep within five minutes, while Wesley can take almost two hours to fall asleep after he's been put into bed - popping in and out of his room!

However last night Wesley crashed early. At 8pm during our In Home Gathering while playing with Miss Kelly and Bubby in the toy room. Kelly went ahead and laid Wesley down in his room. And he slept all the way until 4:30 this morning when he wanted to play and get more juice. He finally went back to bed at 6am. Today we kept him from taking a nap because we were hoping that he would fall asleep faster this evening. And after running an errand to Publix with Daddy and Bubby, Wesley walked in the house at 7:45pm, walked over to Daddy's office chair and promptly fell asleep! He did wake up later when he fell off the chair (he's ok), got a bath, got some juice and thankfully went right back to sleep in his bed.

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Anonymous said...

hey Daryl,

That picture sure brings back lots of memories of you asleep in your food, against a wall, falling in grass .....

love you all
aunt Jani