Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankfulness Tree

So one of the members of Mommy's church came in the office on Tuesday to drop off this thankfulness tree project. It's just a little foam tree you put together with a little squirrel at the top holding a sign "What I'm Thankful For." Then you take the stick on leaves in different colors and write on them things you are thankful for and place them on the tree. Mommy and Parker worked on this after school that day. And here is what Parker was thankful for in the order that he thought of them:

1. God
2. Jesus
3. toys
4. baby
5. Wesley
6. Dad
7. school
8. Mom

Isn't that sweet! And no we're not having another baby, that is Parker's other name for Wesley. So you see how the little brother rates as he made the list twice! We ran out of time on Tuesday so Parker still has some more things that he would like to add to his tree.

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