Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grandma Visits

Today Grandma came up to Ocala to spend the day. She says that the boys are growing so fast - especially Wesley - and she doesn't want to miss it! So she got here about 9am this morning and brought chocolate doughnuts for breakfast! We hung around the house for a while and watched the boys play while Mommy and Daddy tried to figure out the new toy that Grandma had brought her - a WalletBe - and load it up with family pictures. Grandma had bought one for herself too so we loaded hers up with pictures too!

Then we headed out to Brick City Adventure Park. Since we've moved here they've put in a whole new playground there. We noticed it when we were at the park for the Frosty Festival. So Grandma got to go with the boys for their first time there and had fun watching/helping them play.

Afterwards, Grandma took us for lunch at Five Guys and we drove around town a bit. Mommy showed off her favorite store, The Lime Cabinet, and then we took Grandma to Ocala Chocolate. She and Grandpa had received some chocolates from there for Christmas!! She got some fudge to take home and some little chocolates for the family. It certainly was nice to have Grandma come and spend the day.

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