Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Manic Monday

Ever have one of those perfect storm days where no matter how hard you try, everything just kind of works against you? That was our Monday.......

1. a broken Wii - it just cut off in the middle of a game for Parker with the black screen of death and an error message. Fortunately when Daryl called about it later, by registering it last year we were signed up for an extended warranty so they will fix it for free.

2. a dumb movie - we ordered a video on demand and stayed at home. In the mood for comedy, we ordered Funny People and while it was about people, it wasn't funny.

3. a problem tire - when we went to leave to go to lunch with Parker, we realized that the low tire on the back of the Malibu was now really low. When Daddy went to get the air compressor to blow it back up, he couldn't find the little piece he needed to get the air pressure to build up. He spent thirty minutes looking in the garage with no luck. Later on, Daddy and the boys were able to get it the car to WalMart. Since the tire had two holes it couldn't be plugged and needed replaced. And it took four stores before Daddy was able to find the piece he needed for the air compressor.

4. a restaurant with a new menu - when we finally got to Chili's to eat lunch, which we had picked because of their 3 for $20 menu, we discovered that they had just rolled out new menus THAT morning and that particular promotion is gone. But when Mommy went to look for the other favorite meal she has there she discovered that they had gotten rid of that as well.

5. an active two year old - who in the span of about 30 minutes, dumped out two fruit cups, juice and all, on the floor as well as half a box of spaghetti noodles.

Our day did have some bright spots which included haircuts for Daddy and Parker and Mommy's boot camp workout. but the beauty of all this on Monday was that we know that every single thing that happened was a minor inconvenience and that we are blessed to be happy and healthy and have each other.

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