Thursday, February 25, 2010

Southeastern Youth Fair

Tonight while Daddy had Bible study, Mommy took the boys to the Southeastern Youth Fair in Ocala. We have two BUMC youth who have raised pigs through FFA at the high school to show. Today was the day to get the hogs setup for the shows tomorrow. We got there just in time to watch them wash Chase's pig Lucy. A lot of the pigs were screaming during their baths, but Lucy didn't fuss until they tried to dry her off.

Then we went with Dawn and Chase and their dads back down to the pen that their pigs are sharing. Chase's grandma made a camo curtain for over the door.

At first the boys were content to look from outside the pen, but eventually they decided to get inside with Dawn and Mommy. Parker took the picture of both pigs - that's Dawn's pig Cream on the left.

Wesley got brave enough to touch one of the pigs. At first he called them doggies, but once we corrected him, Wesley went on and on about the piggies saying "oink oink." And after watching them root around in the chips on the floor, Wesley also gave a great pig impression, wrinkling up his nose and making snorting noises!

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