Friday, February 19, 2010

Vacation - Part Five - Grandma Visits

Grandma came up to spend last Saturday with us. She brought the boys doughnuts again for breakfast. Last time they were "upset" that there weren't sprinkles because Dunkin Donuts was out. So this time Grandma brought a canister of sprinkles with her just in case! Thankfully Dunkin had sprinkles - heart shaped for Valentine's Day. We had a good time hanging out around the house playing and then we took the kids to Wal-Mart to spend their Valentine Gift cards from Grandma and Grandpa. Parker had an additional gift card for his good grades and so he got a CARS Tow Mater Rescue Pack with a firetruck, ambulance and a little track. Wesley picked out a small stegasaurus dinosaur that roars and moves when you pet him. Then we went to Cici's for lunch before heading out to Baseline Park. Lots of people have been telling us how great this park was, but we weren't exactly sure where it was. Mommy found it by accident a couple of weeks ago when she made a wrong turn. It seemed like half of Ocala was out there to play - we counted four birthday parties at the pavilions - but there was so much to do that it wasn't really crowded. When we first arrived, Wesley was asleep and he snuggled with Grandma for a while before waking up and getting really adventurous on his own. Parker had a blast too and found some of his friends from school out there to run around with. We stayed at the park for almost two hours and then came home to relax and watch some Olympics on TV before Grandma needed to head back to Seffner.

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