Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day Trip

And after the party, we headed back to Orlando for the night again. Parker didn't have school on Monday so we decided to head back to Sea World. When we were there on vacation we did their "pay less than a day come back all year" promotion for Mommy, Daddy and Wesley. And we paid to upgrade Mommy's to a passport so we could also get free parking as well as discounts on food and other stuff. Daddy got us another hotel off hotwire and we ended up at the Sheraton Safari near Downtown Disney. After checking in we took off to Friendly's on I-Drive for dessert. Parker got his favorite - the build your own sundae - 3 scoops of vanilla with sprinkles, gummy bears and M&Ms. And of course, he ate it all!

We fell asleep in the hotel watching the Olympics and we weren't up quite so early for our next run to Sea World but we still managed to make it into the park by 9:15am! No pressure to run to anything this time - we just wandered around and had lots of fun! Mr. Wesley was much more excited by everything this go round.

By the entrance to the new aquarium underneath the Manta coaster.

You could see the stingrays from underwater.

Wesley loved this little viewing tank.

They had another great little area where you could get up inside a tubular aquarium.

A swing by Pacific Preserve.

Headed over to the penguins, Wesley was fascinated by the fountain.

In the penguin encounter, we concentrated on finding Gentoo penguins, like in the book we're reading at night with the boys, "Mr Popper's Penguins." Parker found a bunch!

The Clyde and Seymour Show with Winston the Walrus.

The classic Clydesdales are gone, but there are still horses in the Hamlet and Wesley wanted to pet them.

Next it was over to Shamu's Happy Harbour where Parker had a blast on the nets again. Mommy and Daddy also got Wesley up in there again and he went all the way through, proudly proclaiming at the end - "I did it!" Then Daddy took Parker on the roller coaster while Mommy and Wesley did the Jazzy Jellies. We had a wonderful barbeque lunch at Voyager's before heading over to the Shark Encounter.

Jounrney to the Seas Aquarium underneath Atlantis (with stuff above your head and below your feet!)

We finally caught the A'lure Show in the Nautilus Theater - here's one of the big dragons that went through the audience.

The Shamu Show - the start was delayed by 10 minutes as the whales didn't want to cooperate. But when they finally did, it was a much better show than last weekend!

A trip to Wild Artic was also in order. The boys touched the ice wall. The only awake animals were the two walrus and they were having lots of fun entertaining folks in front of the glass.

Tired boys headed home - they each picked out a stuffed animal - Parker took home Shamu and Wesley got a walrus.

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