Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day On Campus

Yesterday was the North Central District's Day on Campus at the Children's Home in Enterprise, Florida. We met up with four folks from Druid Hills at 8:15am and headed down to Mommy's church to caravan with the folks from Belleview. All total there were four from Daddy's church, the four of us, plus 25 from Mommy's church.

We got there just before the program was to start at 10:30am. But the gym was so full with folks from our district and two others that we ended up in the overflow room to watch on a big screen tv!

After the program was over (2 hours!), we headed out to this huge tent for our box lunches and then headed out on a tour of the campus. We walked and rode the tram some to visit the boys' cottages, girls' cottages, chapel, and Hardin Hall.
Here's Daddy with Steve and Melva from his church.

The boys with some of the BUMC youth hanging out on the porch of one of the resident cottages.

Out in front of one of the cottages was this swingset and some of our kids started playing with the residents.

The Swansons (purple) and the DeGraffs (orange) from BUMC.

The campus chapel - LOVE the beautiful stained glass window inside combining the Children's Home logo of an adult and a child with the cross and flame.

Parker with his buddies Thomas and Reanne in the chapel.

At one of the playgrounds, Wesley decided to be brave and try the high slide. He loved it and did it like 5 times in a row. Some of the teenagers were impressed with how brave he was and gave him high 5s!

We didn't get back to BUMC until 5pm which made for a very long day. As you can see the boys were exhausted and decided to nap in the car!

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