Friday, March 5, 2010

Parker's First Field Trip

Today we went on Parker's very first official school field trip - to the Library and the Park. There were 3 kindergarten classes on the trip for a total of 53 students. Each class has a different color shirt and Parker's class was purple. Each class shirt features self-portraits of the kids.

At the library the classes started out together, then split into different groups. First for Parker was storytime, followed by a time of putting together big floor puzzles. Finally they got to take a tour of the library.

At the park, we ate lunch first at the tables under the trees. And then it was time to play!!!!! The kids had a blast and Mommy ended up pushing a bunch on the wswings while Daddy had a long line of kids who wanted help with getting on a special piece of equipment.

Parker loved being able to ride on the big bus with all his friends and we had a great time tagging along!

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