Monday, March 15, 2010

Ten Things About Wesley

10. We had to get some "new" clothes out of the closet over the weekend for Wesley. He is a couple of inches taller than Parker was at this age (in torso and legs) and so we have had to move him up into some 3T clothes.

9. He has been learning some new songs at school - his favorites to sing are "Baa, Baa Black Sheep" and "Jesus Loves Me." He sings a lot when he is at home and especially in the car.

8. He's been learning to count and he loves to count!! He makes noises counting to ten but you can only clearly understand to three.

7. He knows several of his colors - like blue and red and pink and orange. These are the colors of the Flintstones vitamins he and Bubby take each night!

6. Wesley has a little girlfriend at school. They are best buddies and hate to be separated for any activity.

5. He absolutely loves when people read to him. Most nights Wesley falls asleep with Parker reading some book to them in bed.

4. Wesley has been obsessed with Shamu since we went to Sea World. He loves to look at picture books of whales. Parker even drew a whole sheet of Shamus for Wesley at school one day last week (using a stencil) and Wesley loves to cart it around.

3. Wesley is still quite the snuggler. He loves to be held and cuddled and rocked and would prefer to fall asleep in your lap than in bed by "himself" (those nights Parker falls asleep before he does).

2. He is thrilled to be able to get outside and play some in the yard again. He has especially missed playing with his caterpillar ride-on-toy from Christmas that he calls his "bike."

1. He is cutting more teeth - the bottom two 2 year old molars are in and one of the top ones has broken through.

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