Saturday, May 8, 2010

Field Trip - Uncle Donald's Farm

On Friday we went with all of the kindergarten classes from Parker's school to a place called Uncle Donald's Farm in Lady Lake, which bills itself as "more than a petting farm, almost a zoo!" We rode the bus with the kids down there and had lots of fun serving as chaperones and hanging out with the kids!!!!!

Parker's Class at the entrance.

Daddy with Parker and the three other boys we were responsible for - Jaden, Michael and Zion.

Some of the peacocks that were wandering around (and making lots of noise!)

Feeding the chickens.


Rooster - some kind of Polish chicken.

The kids lined up in the middle of the barnyard along a white line on the ground and the handlers brought out several things for them to pet: a miniature horse, a chicken, a goat and a baby calf.

Parker also got to milk the goat!

In the wildlife area there were all kinds of things: hawks, a panther, a giant tortoise, a patagonian mara, a river otter, deer, an emu,

Then the kids got to pet some of the biggest bunnies. Loved the cat who was guarding the cages!

Back to the barnyard animals, we got to see sheep with their summer haircuts, pet a potbellied big, and visit Wilbur the huge pig and see the goats fight.

Next it was time for lunch at the picnic tables under the trees and then we took off on a hayride to one of the far fields to feed the cows. One of the little boys in our group told Mommy he had never seen any of these animals except on TV and he was just so excited!

The cows walked right up to us in a line as soon as they saw us coming!!!

After the hayride we went into the small barn for a little bit where they had snakes, iguanas and baby alligators.

Then we finished up our day feeding the goats and sheep - they let them run loose into a big field where all six of the classes of children were standing around with feed in their hands!!!!

Meet the guard dog - a Great Pyrenees!

And this is what happy, tired children looked like on the bus ride back to school!

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