Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fresh Veggies

This morning we went to Mr. Joe's house from Daddy's church. He invited us out to pick potatoes from his garden. And that was just a small part of what we ended up bringing home.....we also picked blackberries, zucchini, cucumbers and Mr. Joe gave us some fresh green beans and broccoli.

The boys picking blackberries.....they both loved them and ate a bunch while picking.

Parker and Wesley both were fascinated by how the potatoes grew in the ground.

Washing the potatoes.....

Yellow squash and tomatoes growing - not quite ready.

Getting a bunch of yellow and green zucchini.

Doc the dog....can you find the baby watermelon that needs to finish growing?

After our stint at getting fresh fruit and veggies we stopped by Daddy's church for their yard sale. Our hot and sweaty boys took refuge up under the shade tree.

For lunch we visited this place called Harvest Market and Deli that Joe told us about. He sells some of his produce out there and they get stuff from a lot of the local farmers. We had heard others raving about their hamburgers made from fresh local meat - and boy were all the reviews correct! For those that remember the old Fuddruckers in Tampa, the burgers (including buns) tasted like that!

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