Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Interesting Opportunities

Last Thursday Mommy got together with a bunch of United Methodist clergywomen from across central and north Florida at First UMC in Winter Park for fellowship and support. Part of our time was spent together in worship and Mommy was privileged to have been asked to design and lead that worship. Especially since two of the original six clergywomen in the state of Florida were present as well as a former DS that was the first clergywoman Mommy ever met.

Last night and tonight, Mommy got to participate as a judge for the senior class projects at Belleview High School. She was invited to participate through a connection with Daddy's church and went with two other ladies (Miss Eunice and Miss Sharron). Every senior does a final project for their English class that counts for about 30% of their grade. It's supposed to take all year to work on and be some kind of a learning stretch for them - learn about something they've never done before. They do a research paper and are supposed to create some kind of product or learn some kind of skill and then everything culminates together in a 10 minute oral presentation on one of two nights. The first night's group of seniors included a girl learning about being a mortician/embalmer, a girl who signed up 650 people for mobile Amber Alerts, a girl who learned to surf and a boy who started restoring a '65 Mustang and learned how to do all the re-chroming himself. Tonight the presentations included a girl learning about being a nurse practioner, a boy who learned to hunt with a crossbow, a girl who learned to barefoot waterski, a boy who compared the differences between computer operating systems and a boy who learned how to replace the engine in a Honda Civic. It was very interesting to hear all the different subjects, to see how each senior approached their project and how they handled their nerves as they presented and then did the Q&A at the end of their presentation. Plus they feed you dinner and dessert, made by the school chef and his culinary students! It was lots of fun and Mommy is already looking forward to next year.

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