Monday, May 10, 2010

A Van and A Tractor

Last Thursday night we dropped off our van at the home of some of Mommy's church members, the Doreys. Mr. Al and Mrs. Pat used to own an auto repair shop and Mr. Al had volunteered to see if he couldn't figure out what was wrong with our van. We had it repaired again in January, but it is still stalling out occasionally and the air was no longer blowing cool. Mr. Al worked on the van Friday while we were on Parker's field trip. He called us in the afternoon to say that it was ready. He charged up the freeon in the air conditioning system, replaced the air filter, changed out the oxygen sensor, reset the idle for a little higher and even cleaned our headlights! We now have nice cold air and the van is running better. We even took it home for Mother's Day on Sunday.

After Mr. Al showed us everything he did to the van, he took Parker for a ride on the tractor around the yard and even let Mr. Parker steer! Considering we'd spent the day at Uncle Donald's Farm, it seemed only appropriate he drive the tractor around.

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