Friday, June 18, 2010

First Basketball Practice

Last night Parker had his very first basketball practice of the season at the YMCA. We missed meet the coach day because of Annual Conference so this was his first chance to meet Coach Chris and the rest of Team #5. Practice ran from 5:30-6:30pm in the gym and there were actually about four teams of different age levels in there to practice. Coach Chris seemed very nice and very organized and there ended up being 11 boys on the team. Parker even knew one of them because they are in the same age group at the YMCA camp.

They lowered the basket to 8 feet for Parker's team and the kids had fun and worked hard during practice. The skill range was all over the place - some of the boys looked like they had never played basketball before and then there was this pair of brothers in their Air Nike shorts and matching mohawks that were really good! Parker is somewhere in the middle of that from some of the practice with shooting baskets in school PE. The team started out with a dribbling drill, then a passing drill, then a rebound drill and finally a layup drill. Then they worked on learning positions and where to stand and how to watch for the person with the ball.

Passing Drill

Going for the rebound!

And here's a video of the layup drill. Everytime Mommy used video, he missed; and without video he made the basket!

The huddle.

Tonight is the first game. All of his games will be Fridays at 6:30pm. Looking forward to watching all the boys figure out how to play against each other!

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