Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Day at the YMCA

When Mommy picked up Parker at the YMCA on Friday night, one of his counselors was handling car line. She was quick to let Mommy know that Parker had won Kindergarten Camper of the Week for his excellent behavior! They will select one boy and one girl each week from every age group for this special honor. Parker received a certificate in front of all the campers and some candy. He was so excited and we were so proud!

We had just enough time after pickup of the boys to grab dinner and head to the YMCA for Parker's first basketball game. We got there as the 3-4 year old league was finishing up and they were so cute to watch! Then Parker's team got their jerseys - reversible blue and white, sponsored by the local Church of Hope. Parker is #15. After standing the whole time for Parker's practice last night, thankfully, the Y had moved in some bleachers for the parents to sit on. They also divided up the gym into two courts using the "benches" for the teams in the middle. The gentleman who runs the camp also supervises the basketball league and he kicked everything off tonight by gathering all the kids and coaches at one end of the gym, giving them a little pep talk, praying for them and then introducing each coach and each child on the four teams of 5-6 year olds (there's at least 10 kids per team). They played four 10 minute quarters and Parker's coach switched out his whole team halfway through each quarter so that every boy got to play the same amount of time. As far as we could tell tonight they didn't keep score and all the parents seemed to cheer no matter which team scored a basket. It was grea

Parker actually was able to throw for two shots tonight (no baskets), catch a couple of rebounds and even passed to a teammate. But he had the most fun running back and forth across the court and guarding his camp friend Christopher on the other team.

It's a blur, but it's Parker on the run!

And a little bit of the action from the game so you can get a feel for what the kids were like!

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