Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Manic Monday

Monday started off bright and early as Mommy dropped off Parker to camp and Wesley to daycare. While the boys were away, Mommy and Daddy went to see the new Karate Kid movie and ate lunch at Latinos Y Mas. Later we went shopping at Target and came home with a new organizer for the toy room (more on that tomorrow). When we went to pick the boys up we were relieved to hear that Parker had enjoyed his first official swim lesson during camp that day. He's one of only 7 kids with 2 instructors for the lessons this week. We had just enough time to rush home and change into some green clothes before heading to Belleview in the pouring rain. It was VBS time! Our theme this year is Galactic Blast and the color for the first night was green. VBS starts with dinner for everyone at 5:30pm and then the program runs from 6-8:15pm.

We started off at opening ceremonies. That's Commander Carolyn talking with Galileo the Gorilla!

Parker's class is ages 4-7. There were 11 kids on the first night and after the opening they headed to crafts in order to create some planet sand art!

This is the "transport room" to the Discovery Lab. It's all lit up with black lights and everyone glows a bit as we "fly" away. Inside the Discovery Lab all the kids got to participate in different science experiments for that day's theme of Creation.

Next was recreation and some cool games with Miss Jeanne working on teamwork and throwing planets around. At the end of recreation, all of the kids got dessert.

This was Mommy peeking in to check on Wesley in the nursery class. He comes to opening/closing ceremonies with everyone else and then gets to work on stuff in his classroom.

Back inside the sanctuary for closing ceremonies and some singing and dancing. Wesley is fascinated by the gorilla and can't wait to see him. A long and busy day which will be repeated several more times this week - fortunately it's lots of fun too!

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